2013-2014 Health Insurance Waiver Center


St. Olaf College is concerned about the health and wellbeing of students. For this reason, unless external health insurance information is submitted annually, any student enrolled at St. Olaf will automatically be enrolled in the College sponsored plan. If you’ll have your own health insurance (i.e. through an employer, your family, or another source) for the duration of the upcoming academic year, you’ll just need to let us know about your coverage to meet the requirement.  You can do so by following the instructions below to "Submit a Waiver".

The open waiver/enrollment period ended on February 21, 2014.  You can no longer waive out of the student insurance plan but if you need insurance you can enroll in the plan with a later effective date.

ENROLL IN ST OLAF HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN: Click Here if you plan on enrolling in the College sponsored Health Insurance Plan.  By enrolling early, will allow you to have your health insurance plan information sent to you prior to the effective date.

The St. Olaf Communication page provides the plan benefit information as well as links to the various networks that serve the plan.  Student Health Insurance plans may be different from the insurance plans that you may be familiar.  Therefore, please review the plan information closely. The Communication page is located at www.cirstudenthealth.com/stolaf

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